Lets be honest, everyone wants to save their money where they can and saving money on your workwear and PPE is no exception to that.
WorkStuff UK have put together a short list of tips to consider when trying to save money on your workwear!
Make sure you always do your research and check multiple websites to get the best price, if you’re using Google you can also use the Shopping section which essentially checks multiple websites very quickly to get you the best prices, saving you time. Be careful you’re not purchasing from dodgy websites though, if a price is too good to be true than it usually is. Always purchase from reputable websites. WorkStuff UK pride themselves on their competitive and regularly discounted products, and we are proud that we are often told our prices are the best on the market!
A good tip that most people are aware of but not many actually do is to purchase your goods out of season, this is obviously challenging because you’re not always thinking about fleece lined coats during the summer nor thinking about vests and shorts during the cold winter months. Not only that but a lot of websites will only sell products for that season, for instance they’ll only be selling cool clothing during the summer and super warm clothes during winter. WorkStuff UK however sell whatever you need whenever you need it, we sell coats in the summer and vests in the winter, we’re always here and have exactly what you need!
Make sure you always check if that website has a discount code or sale on at your time of purchasing, they’re is always a way of saving a quick buck. Even a quick search on the internet can bring up discount codes for websites that aren’t even promoting. Here at WorkStuff UK we often have discount codes being published on our social medias to help you save money on certain products, make sure you check in with them regularly to get the best chance of getting your hands on some discounted products!