KN95 protective mask


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KN95 protective mask

Foldable design with seamless welding. The KN95 protective mask can filter the particulate matter in the air, dust, smoke, fog, microorganism, and block droplets, blood, body fluids and secreta. It is suitable for industrial places and the environment with dust, smoke, fog and particulate matter. It is not suitable to use this mask when the concentration of pollutants is high to endanger life or health. This respiratory shall not be used to protect against harmful gas or steam. Respiratory resistance: total inspiratory resistance ≤ 350pa, total respiratory resistance ≤ 250pa.


  • Filtration efficiency PFE95%
  • Anti PM2.5
  • Anti-haze
  • Anti dust
  • EN149:2001+A1:2009

Please see our COVID-19 PPE category for other items to protect yourself.

if you are unsure whether face masks are right for you, check out guide on when to wear a facemask .

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