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Trousers are a fundamental element of any work uniform and here at WorkStuff UK, we have some great choices available. Browse through our trouser collection to find the style that best meets your requirements.

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TuffStuff Comfort Work Joggers

£14.12 inc VAT

Ladies Cargo Trouser (Uneek)

£12.95 inc VAT

TuffStuff Extreme Mens Work Trouser

£25.31 inc VAT

TuffStuff Excel Two Tone Work Trousers

£18.56 inc VAT

Uneek Cargo Work Trousers

£12.95 inc VAT

TuffStuff X-Motion Slim Fit Work Trouser

£26.56 inc VAT

Uneek Super Pro Work Trouser

£24.95 inc VAT

Combat Trousers (Supertouch)

£17.58 inc VAT

TuffStuff Pro Work Trousers

£17.68 inc VAT

Fort Workforce Trousers

£12.35£13.32 inc VAT

Uneek UC522 Deluxe Joggers

£12.35£15.00 inc VAT

Portwest Painters Trouser Pro

£22.64 inc VAT

TuffStuff Proflex Work Trouser

£23.99 inc VAT

Uneek Cargo Knee Pad Trouser

£14.99 inc VAT

Action Trouser ( Uneek )

£17.45 inc VAT

Hi Vis Holster Trousers DX445( Portwest )

£66.52 inc VAT

Service Trouser DX443( Portwest )

£50.62 inc VAT

Snickers Work Trouser 3251

£49.92 inc VAT

Snickers Work Trousers 6241

£79.44 inc VAT

Dewalt Work Trousers

£41.33 inc VAT

Black Work Trousers ( Himalayan )

£12.43 inc VAT

Grey Work Trousers Vintage ( Himalayan )

£18.98 inc VAT

Over Trousers Airflex – Fort 921

£14.16 inc VAT

Ladies Chino ( Asquith & Fox )

£21.31 inc VAT