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Whether you need Hi-Vis, PPE, Footwear, Workwear, Gloves and even your Disposables, you can find them all at WorkStuff UK from Supertouch. They are a valued brand in our collection and you’ll never be unsatisfied or let down with a Supertouch product!

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Supertouch Supertex 5/6 Disposable Coverall

£8.39 inc VAT

Hi Vis Joggers two-tone (Supertouch)

£28.26 inc VAT

Lab Coat Supertouch (3 Colours)

£18.84 inc VAT

Supertouch PVC Hi-Vis Rainsuit

£21.06 inc VAT

Hi Vis Trousers (Supertouch 3 Band)

£21.01 inc VAT

Combat Trousers (Supertouch)

£17.58 inc VAT

Supertouch Hi-Vis Jogging Bottoms

£24.52 inc VAT

Filter Cartridges Supertouch P3 [x1 Pair]

£12.83 inc VAT

Supertouch Hi-Vis Softshell Jacket

£37.58 inc VAT

Supertouch Combat Shorts

£15.42 inc VAT

Supertouch Hi-Vis Reversible Fleece Bodywarmer

£22.32 inc VAT

Hi Vis Hoody 2 tone (Supertouch)

£28.70 inc VAT

Hi Vis Executive Vest ( Supertouch )

£5.95 inc VAT

Hi Vis Velcro Vest ( Supertouch )

£2.50 inc VAT

Basic Fleece Jacket ( Supertouch )

£15.70 inc VAT

Big Size Jacket ( Supertouch )

£18.14 inc VAT

Hi Vis Sweatshirt ( Supertouch )

£18.60 inc VAT

Poly Cotton Coverall ( Supertouch )

£19.82 inc VAT

Rain Fleece Jacket ( Supertouch )

£28.26 inc VAT

Hi Vis Orange Hoodie (Supertouch)

£26.75 inc VAT

Supertouch Supertex Type 5/6 SMS Coverall

£4.20 inc VAT

Chukka Boots S1P ( Supertouch )

£17.76 inc VAT

Disposable Overshoe Supertouch CPE

£3.78£65.99 inc VAT

Balaclava Snood ( Supertouch )

£2.00 inc VAT