At WorkStuff UK we have gained over 20 years of experience of high-visibility clothing in Hinckley, our company is based in Leicester. We believe we try our best to give not just the best quality of service but the best quality of products too, we have worked with companies both big and small starting with individual tradesman to then working with our local government bodies, building a relationship with our customers is something we always aim to do having that strong relationship with your customer gives us the opportunity to know exactly what our customer is wanting from us, and it allows us to agree a timescale that works for both of us with their orders.

Many jobs have the requirements of wearing Hi-visibility uniform, some examples of the jobs that you need to wear this for are:

  • Road construction site workers
  • Crossing guards
  • Construction workers
  • Tow truck drivers
  • Warehouse employees


Wearing your Hi-vis in the workplace will reduce the risk of an accident happening in the workplace, in certain jobs it is essential that you wear your Hi-vis, wearing your Hi-vis means you are visible and it makes other workers aware of your presence. In the UK there has been a law set that if you work on a construction site that has vehicles/plants there must be a high visibility policy, with this it is your employer’s responsibility to ensure that when you start the job they have your hi-vis ready for you.

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