COVID-19 Face masks, glasses, gloves, sanitizer. Here at WorkStuff UK we have it all and more!

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As you can see here at WorkStuff UK we have a solution to all your COVID-19 PPE needs and requirements. In what are difficult times for everybody, the team has worked tirelessly in ensuring you are supplied sufficiently to stay safe.

Hand washing has never been such a hot topic of conversation! Hygiene is at the top of everybody’s priorities and therefore, we saw fit to source the products which fit into that category. From hand soap to hand sanitiser, multi-packs or not; we’ve an option that will suit you.

Why stop there with hand hygiene? Before you begin washing them, why not cover them with our fantastic selection of disposable gloves, coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes for tailored protection and comfort.

We understand that there are numerous body parts which have the ability to contract coronavirus and its important not to ignore those either (or they’ll get jealous…) speaking of which; you’ll make your colleagues jealous thanks to our luxurious eye protection range. Safety specs, goggles for eyes and more are all at your disposal.

Last, but certainly not least, we have our face masks. Perhaps our most sought-after product as of right now, so do not wait around to order! KN 95, FFP9 and everything in between are available to choose from.